Thank you to everyone who helped make Saucy happen this year! 
Thank you to all who entered a sauce in the Are You Feeling Saucy? sauce contest.  The diversity of sauces at the event are what make it such a unique fundraiser and are a big part of why people have so much fun coming to the event.  We had 14 delicious sauces this year, and every last bit of them was eaten and enjoyed during the event. 
Here are the Sauce Contest Results.


RCM Are You Feeling Saucy Fundraiser poster 2019



10th Annual

Are You Feeling Saucy?!

5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday, January 26th

Sequoia Conference Center, 901 Myrtle Ave, EUREKA

Enter a sauce to win prizes! Click for 2019 Saucy Entry Form.

See the Facebook event page for more info.